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  • Have you been trying to conceive, but have not been successful so far?
  • Have you undergone (or are still undergoing) fertility treatment?

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Conception and Getting Pregnant – Questions

You can answer the following questions:

  • Please give us some background about yourself: What is your age, what do you do
  • Realizing that everything is not ok: When did you realize that you were having trouble conceiving? How did you feel about it? Did you share this with your family or friends? How did they react?
  • Overcoming the problem: What have you done to improve your chances of getting pregnant? Did you follow a particular treatment?
  • The results: Have you been able to get pregnant? How long did it take? Did you experience any side effects of the treatment?
  • The “Now”: How do you feel after getting pregnant? How do people react (if you shared your troubles with your loved ones)?
  • Advice for others: What should others trying to get pregnant do? And do’s and dont’s?
  • Anything else you would like to share with the readers
  • Your byline (“About you” section – with a link to your blog, Facebook profile or Twitter handle – to be placed at the top of the interview)

Feel free to add / remove / edit any question!

Remember, you can either email me at admin [at] howtheygotpregnant [dot] com, or use the Contact Us page.