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How Mama Kath Is Helping Women Increase Fertility & Get Pregnant

Mama Kath is a seasoned blogger who helps women conceive and get pregnant.

She also offers many herbal / vitamin supplements that increase the chances of getting pregnant, improve fertility, and more.

You can find out more about her at


What is your age and what do you do?

Mama Kath from

Mama Kath from

I celebrated my 60th birthday in June, and for the last 15 years have been helping countless couples around the world conceive naturally using education, herbs and vitamins. was born in 1998 as I was attempting to conceive at the age of 45.


When did you realize that everything was not ok?

Trying to conceive was never my problem.  At most it took me three months of trying – my problem was “staying pregnant” for more than eight weeks.

My first miscarriages were with my first husband who refused a genetic test (mine tested okay), so I assumed the problem was on his side.

It was such a SHOCK when I began miscarrying (like all the others) with my new partner the month of my 40th year!  That’s when I realized it must be me!

I put it out of my mind for 5 years and what happened next opened my door to destiny.  After a slew of tests (following what would be my “last” miscarriage), the medical profession labeled me a “spontaneous aborter” with “unexplained infertility”!

Yikes! Being labeled as such left me feeling hopeless and helpless.

Mama Kath - Helping Women Conceive and Get Pregnant

Mama Kath – Helping Women Conceive and Get Pregnant

After our wedding (5 years later) we decided to try one last time. While trying, I made an appointment with one, two and then a third local fertility specialist who suggested we invest tens of thousands of dollars for a “chance” at conception.

I told all three doctors, “You’re not listening to me, conception is not my problem. I need help staying pregnant.” I walked away thinking I’ll show them!

I watched my Aunt give birth to a healthy child at the age of 48, so my trying to conceive at 45 did not seem outrageous.


Did you share it with your family / friends?

Not really, mainly because of my age and history of loss. Trying to conceive is such an emotionally charged state. Thoughts of getting pregnant penetrated everything I did. All I wanted to talk about was mucus and didn’t want to bother family, friends and co-workers.

Fortunately, this was the time when Al Gore “invented” the internet ;o) I began surfing the web (I know, old-school term) and discovered a pre-pregnancy group of woman.

Because of my age and experience, I found myself answering anatomy, timing and patience questions. Within five days, 40 women were checking in with me every morning.

These women provided me with their basal temperature, mucus quality and many other intimate details so I could track their cycle. It was then the idea to create a virtual “TTC friendly community” started percolating.

You see, I never went past the 8th week and real life has a way of assaulting you with reminders of what you haven’t achieved. I became known on the internet as “Momma Kath a/k/a Mama Kath” and my mantra was “You are not alone!”.


What did you do to improve your chance of getting pregnant?

I did the exact opposite of what you should do to get pregnant. I was working full time and in my spare time (lunch hours, before and after work and weekends) answering emails and filling orders.

Mama Kath - How To Increase Fertility

Mama Kath – How To Increase Fertility

Many nights I was answering emails till 3am and then up at 6am to get ready for work.

I left myself no time to get pregnant, instead provided a dynamic forum that I wish I had had in my 20s that allowed women to Teach What you Know, Learn What you Don’t.

The herbal packages were designed after discovering dramatic changes to my pre-menstrual cramping and the quality of menses.

One day, I was telling the women to try this and that and someone said “Mama Kath, put something together and we’ll buy it.” so I did.

These herbal / vitamin regimen packages have enabled countless couples to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Turns out, “” was my baby.

One Mother’s Day morning, I opened my email and a woman I had helped the previous year sent me an email titled: “I want you to see your work”. There was a picture attached, so I clicked on it and this baby’s face filled my screen.

When I looked in his eyes, I heard “Thank You!”. I cleaned my entire house that day. Just recalling this brings tears to my eyes, sniff sniff.


What can others do to improve their chance of getting pregnant?

Balance and Moderation are Key! For example, if you have a stressful day, offset it with time spent exercising, laughing or soaking in a hot tub (whatever floats your boat!).

If you have a good cry or drink a cup of coffee, balance that out with a glass of water to replenish your fluids.

What I discovered and why, for over a decade couples have turned to me for answers, is the body is quite capable of balance if given what it needs.

The first herbal package developed simply gave women a fertile edge. The second package complimented a clomid cycle and the remaining eight packages address very specific issues.

Trust yourself. If it feels right, it probably is. Making a decision is much healthier than living in limbo. Learn all you can and if it feels right, go for it. Knowledge provides power and confidence.

Embrace adversity, should it arrive, and be open to the new experiences each challenge brings.


There is so much more to say but I will stop here!

Lots of love and positive thoughts,

Mama Kath

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