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Getting Pregnant After Trying for 7 Years: The Success Story of Tiffany Pifer

Tiffany - The Getting Pregnant Success Story

Tiffany and Zach succeeded in getting pregnant after trying for a long 7 years. They have tried IUI, IVF and even FET. Now, they are 29 weeks pregnant! You can read Tiffany’s blog at   Please give us some background about yourself My name is Tiffany Pifer, I just turned 29. My husband and [...]

How Kate Got Pregnant – Curing Infertility Using Clomid

How Kate Got Pregnant

Kate is a yoga lover, a labradoodle cuddler, a silly song singer, a recipe tweaker, an ice cream devourer, a grammar enforcer, a bargain shopper and a corporate trainer. She went from “I can’t wait to get pregnant” to “OMG, we’re having TROUBLE getting pregnant” to “YES! We’re pregnant” to “We have a baby… now [...]

How “Jay” Got Pregnant After Several IUI and IVF Sessions

Jeniffer With Her Son Michael - A Lesson in How to Get Pregnant in Spite of Difficulties

Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo is a freelance writer, former stand-up comic and infertility activist. She was named one of the “10 Standout Stand-ups Worth Watching” by BACKSTAGE Magazine, she performed in Covergirl’s “Stand Up for Beauty” and her blog, The 2 Week Wait, shares her sense of humor, honesty and personal struggle of her own journey [...]

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy – Advice by a Doctor

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy - Advice by a Doctor

Here is a video in which a qualified doctor – Dr. C. Terence Lee, M.D., talks about conceiving and getting pregnant easily and quickly. This is coming from a medical professional, so this is real advise. However, as always, you should consult your physician and gynecologist before implementing any pregnancy-related advice.   Things Covered in [...]

Tertia Albertyn’s Patience Paid Off – Conception on 9th IVF

Tertia Albertyn Fought Infertility and is a Proud Mother of Three

Tertia Albertyn is a published author, award-winning blogger and dedicated baby-maker, apart from being a seasoned infertility veteran and now mother to three kids. In five years, nine IVFs and many losses it took to conceive her twins, she has seen and done it all in terms of fertility treatment. She writes a popular blog [...]