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Getting Pregnant After Trying for 7 Years: The Success Story of Tiffany Pifer

Tiffany - The Getting Pregnant Success Story

Tiffany and Zach succeeded in getting pregnant after trying for a long 7 years. They have tried IUI, IVF and even FET. Now, they are 29 weeks pregnant! You can read Tiffany’s blog at   Please give us some background about yourself My name is Tiffany Pifer, I just turned 29. My husband and [...]

How Mama Kath Is Helping Women Increase Fertility & Get Pregnant

Mama Kath from

Mama Kath is a seasoned blogger who helps women conceive and get pregnant. She also offers many herbal / vitamin supplements that increase the chances of getting pregnant, improve fertility, and more. You can find out more about her at   What is your age and what do you do? I celebrated my 60th [...]